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Oakland Rehearsal Studios

Monthly Studios Now Open!

  • Huge Automated Gated Parking Lot
  • Safe and Secure Location
  • Fire Wireless DSL
  • All Studios Have Halogen Lights on a Dimmer Switch
  • Forced Air Ventilation
  • Easy Ground Floor Loading
  • Clean Bathrooms
The Best Prices in the Bay Area!
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House of Hits Sacramento


  • 62 Acoustically Designed Music Rehearsal Studios From 150 Square Feet To 500 Square Feet
  • All Are Air-Conditioned & Have 12 Foot Ceilings
  • Private Monthly Lock-out With 24 Hour Card Key Access
  • Gated Secure Parking Lot
  • Free Wi-Fi DSL
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Sacramento Rehearsal Studios

  • 88 Acoustically Designed, Private Music Rehearsal Studios From 220 Square Feet To 500 Square Feet
  • All Studios Available for Long Term or Monthly Rental
  • All Are Air Conditioned & Have 12 Foot Ceilings
  • Rehearse 24/7
  • State of The Art CCTV Security System with Central Alarm
  • Free Wi-Fi DSL
  • Two Acres of Gated, Secure Parking
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Each of our studios is constructed using double wall framing. Between you and the closest studio is a minimum of two separate walls, four layers of 5/8" Sheetrock, Two layers of R-13 fiberglass insulation, separated by a 3/4" air gap. If your studio shares more than two walls with an adjacent studio, there are three walls of separation. The floor to wall joint is sealed with acoustical sealant. Each Studio is as airtight as you can make a room out of Sheetrock. What does this mean to you? A quiet room!

The inside of each studio is fully carpeted. There is carpeting on at least two walls and sound panels wrapped in Duvetyn theatrical fabric to help with the acoustics. A 52" ceiling fan hangs in the center of each 12' high ceiling. The air conditioning system supplies more than a Ton of Cooling Capacity to each studio. Each Studio has at least one or two dedicated 20-amp circuits and at least 16 receptacles. You don’t share you power with any other rooms. Before the interior sheetrock was installed a "cage" of wire mesh was installed for security. The 100-pound solid wood doors are hung on 16 gage steel frames. Deadbolts and lever locks are of the highest quality. You wont find better quality construction or attention to detail in any other rehearsal studio anywhere.

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